Sunday, September 9, 2012

College Friends: Friends for life.

When you go off to college, I think you can agree with me, everyone tells you "the friends you met in college, will be your friends for life." I was a little hesitate about this, yet, excited to go off to college and experience what everyone was talking about. It wasn't long into my freshman year when I found this to be true. The friends I met at Liberty are seriously, my best friends. I can't believe I have only known them for 4 or some even, less than that. They are always there for me, encouraging, blessing and strengthening my walk with the Lord. And, making me laugh. Always. 

Bottom line. God blessed me with some incredible friendships at Liberty and you always feel like you have the best friends in the world. I was pretty overjoyed when I saw that my "family" aka, friends for life, made it in the Liberty University yearbook. We are already leaving our legacy ;) 

So, this post is just a shout out to my best friends that I made at Liberty, I'm so thankful for them daily, but I just felt like they deserved a shout out tonight. 



Melody + Kevin / Wedding: Bride and Groom

During the reception, Melody, Kevin and I snuck away to capture some photographs of them as a couple, away from guests. This was a very special moment for them to just be themselves and enjoy their big day... and it didn't hurt it was right before sunset, golden hour :) I love these and am so excited on how they turned out! Enjoy!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Melody + Kevin / Wedding: Pre-Ceremony

I had the great privilege of capturing Melody and Kevin's Wedding Day. This was my first wedding and I was so nervous! However, they were such an easy-going, fun-having couple that it was an enjoyable wedding to be apart of! I was so honored and am so excited for them to receive their photos this week! Ek! :) Enjoy Newlyweds! These next few photos are the pre-ceremony photos. 


Monday, September 3, 2012

Saint Louis // Weekend getaway trip.

This weekend was so refreshing. Long distance gets hard but it really starts getting hard after 2 months. One of my good friends Brea told me once that after the first month apart, it gets hard. I always thought I would be okay but she was right, by the first month, I was ready to see my man. 

Aaron moved to St. Louis, MO in August and I have been so anxious to see his new city. 
It was different than I was expecting, a very quite city. But one thing's for sure, it suits Aaron perfectly. 

He spoiled me all weekend, taking me to see the great "Arch" and best bbq around, adorable mexican restaurant and...the LION KING on broadway! All in all, the one word I would use to explain our time, Refreshing.