Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Noonday / Huntington Beach #2

I am thrilled to have my gorgeous sister in law, Natalie, featured on today's blog! From the beginning, I have had a wonderful support from my family & in-laws alongside my friends who have been my cheerleaders in starting my Noonday adventure. Without them, I would not have had the confidence I do to begin this new journey so proudly. Not only have they supported me through purchasing they have been supportive through hosting a Noonday Collection Trunk show as well! The support from both sides of my families in Virginia & California has been huge and I am forever grateful. This blog post is dedicated to them! :)

While on a family vacation a few weeks ago to Huntington Beach, we went out to the infamous "Ruby's Diner" for dinner. It's so cool dressing up and seeing your family wear their Noonday pieces and ROCK them! Below, Natalie is rocking the "On the Mark" necklace made in India that has since been retired however, their are many other gorgeous necklace's available on my website! I love that Noonday is so unique and every piece is handmade. Even the chain. Each piece is made with so much love and dedication to their craft. It brings tears to my eyes that our artisans lives are being changed by simply "purchasing with purpose" and choosing to spend our money on accessories somewhere that is intentional with helping others. 

As the summer season comes to a close and we make room for new pieces for the Fall line (releasing August 7th) I am preparing to have a sample sale of some beautiful pieces from the Spring/ Summer 2014 season. There will be some pieces that will be retiring soon, just like the "On the Mark" necklace Natalie is wearing so beautifully. I have this sample sale twice a year, with selling my samples 40% off. If you would like an additional 15% off, sign up to host a trunk show for the Fall season! I will be selling my samples online August 1st so comment below if you would like to be included! 

I hope you have a great end to your summer & begin thinking how you have purchasing power and that you can use that power for good! Happy Shopping!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Noonday Style // Preparing for the Fall Launch #1!

So, if you haven't heard yet... the new fall line for Noonday Collection opens to the public AUGUST 7th! My fellow ambassadors and I are about to BURST with excitement in sharing this news. Our home office & artisans have worked so hard in preparing the new, stunning pieces
that will make up our fall line.

Every new line means saying goodbye to some amazing Spring/ Summer pieces. This specific blog is dedicated to my all time favorite, the Zoe Necklace. It's the only piece that I can't bear to sell in my sample sale (stay tuned for more details). The Zoe Necklace is {made with love} in Uganda out of recycled paper beads and has become a Noonday classic.

It goes with absolutely EVERYTHING. Stripes, solids, dresses, tank tops, you name it.
I get so many compliments on how beautiful it is.

What I love most about the Zoe Necklace is how it's not just one strand of recycled paper beads but a beautifully designed piece of jewelry that also makes a difference. Noonday Collection sends women who have studied fashion and the latest trends over to our artisans to help them make beautiful pieces that women will want to buy! It's a wonderful example of women empowering women and by us teaching the artisans the trends, more people like us "purchase with purpose"! This paper bead necklace is THE cutest thing I have in my jewelry box!

Necklace: The Zoe Necklace - Noonday Collection 
Earrings: Taj Earrings - Noonday Collection
Tank - Old Navy
Jean Shorts - American Eagle

Get excited for the FALL LINE LAUNCH! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Noonday Style // Huntington Beach #1

After a relaxing, exciting vacation to the West Coast, I'm back! My husband and I had the best time in Huntington, California visiting his family. This was my first time to Huntington and
I know it won't be the last! 

One morning, me & my sister in laws went out for a beach cruiser bike ride!
It was so fun soaking up the beach and having some sister time. 

And, of course, I had them capture a photo of me in my Noonday. Below, I am wearing one of my favorite necklaces from our summer line. The Victoria Falls Necklace! This necklace was {made with love} in Uganda. It is made from up-cycled paper beads from our African artisans group called "Africa Smiles." Our Uganda artisan group was our very first group to create pieces for Noonday so naturally, we have a special bond with them. I have posted a video below to give you an inside look at our group in Uganda and to meet Jalia and Daniel, our first two artisans for Noonday!

And, lucky for you, the Victoria Falls necklace is on SALE today. After watching the video, I think you'll see just how much your purchasing are changing lives & why I love "purchasing with purpose".