Monday, September 29, 2014

Noonday Collection // St. Louis Balloon Glow!

  I've been so excited to share this blog! I've fallen even more in love with St. Louis this month! Last weekend, St. Louis had their annual "Balloon Glow." I've never been so close up one hot balloon, let alone, 20! The Balloon Glow was my inspiration for my outfit for the day so naturally, I choose the Dainty Paper Bead necklace that is a burst of color for any outfit!  

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The idea of the Balloon Glow was being able to capture the life and details of the balloons while they are "lit up" after the sunset. I think that the balloons represent Noonday Collection artisans so perfectly. Our Dainty paper bead necklace is made in Uganda, our first artisan group that Noonday Collection has worked with. Our purchases create economic opportunity for the vulnerable, keeps children in schools and families together. Our artisans life's have literally "lit up" since working with Noonday.

They have job security for the first time ever. Their children are staying in and continuing in school. Change is happening. And, it all started about 3 years ago with Noonday's first two artisans from Uganda, Jalia & Daniel. And now, because of your purchases, Noonday is now helping over 300 families with our artisan group in Uganda! So. freaking. awesome. Learn about our artisan group in Uganda by watching this wonderful video

"When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the noonday." Isaiah 58:10

Want to add color to your wardrobe and change lives at the same time? Purchase our gorgeous Dainty Paper Bead Necklace & you can be apart of the amazing change Noonday is doing in the lives of our artisans in Uganda! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Noonday Collection // What's in your Bag?

I have been totally inspired by the Noonday Collection blog series "A Peek inside our Bag". I love how it makes you feel more connected to the girls who work at home office and I couldn't resist joining! :) 

And here's little more of why I love each item in my bag:

1. My fossil wallet is a must: My Uncle Mike gave me my first fossil wallet when I was in middle school and I blame him for my fossil obsession. I started young and it hasn't faded since. I have a huge obsession now with leather, which you'll also read about at #10. ;)

2. New York & Company Sunglasses: My husband Aaron convinced me to try out aviators two years ago with this pair and I bought two more for $4 each to keep in safe keeping in case I ever lost a pair. Their my favorite sunglasses I've ever owed. And the best value.

3. Rifle Paper Co Notebook: It might be that Anna Bond, creator of Rifle Paper Co, & I are both Alumni of Liberty University that drew me to her work, but it is her incredible talent that keeps me coming back. I am obsessed with her stationary business and love keeping notes in this gorgeous notebook. 

4. BareMinerals Lip Gloss: I became obsessed with this lip gloss last year and haven't turned back since.

5. Kind Bar: With my attempt to eat more healthy snacks, I turned to Kind Bars with the suggestion of my best friend, Taylor. She never fails to bring her A game. I didn't expect to love my healthy snacks but I'm totally hooked on the almond & coconut flavor. You gotta try it. I owe you big time, Tay.

6. Bath & Body Works Lotion: Peach & honey almond lotion for the win. Not only is the packaging gorgeous, it smells divine.

7. Fossil Watch: As said earlier, my obsession started early with fossil. My watch is a testament to that. I don't leave the house without it. And if I do, my wrist feels alone all day. 

8. Noonday Collection Bracelet: my Very Versatile bracelet from Noonday totally caught me by surprise. My sister-in-law, Natalie, purchased it first and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it in person. It has that edgy style I don't typically go for but I feel like every girl should own this bracelet. 

9. Canon Camera/ iPhone 5: The first and last picture are essentially the same except one thing. The camera or iphone. The last picture on the blog is taken with my iphone to show case my camera. After my sister, Candace, & Dad, Rob, introduced me to photography, I haven't looked back. It's a hobby that I love to continue to love about and try new things. Capturing photographs with my Canon or iPhone is something you will always seem me doing. It brings me so much joy!

10. Noonday Collection purse: The last thing on the list is my beloved "Rustic Leather Tote" purse from Noonday! It is made from a group of women who have leprosy in India. This purse has for the first time in their lives, given them purpose and recognition in their community. They have been shunned for their whole lives and looked down upon and this is the first time ever they have dignity and respect from their community. That's something I can't say about my fossil purse. So inspiring and that is what continues to fuel my passion to "purchase with purpose!"

iPhone version to debut my favorite Canon. 

Enter Noonday Collection's giveaway to win our Lines and Stripes Catch All bag! Only one day left! And, I want to know, what are some "must haves" in your purse? Can't wait to hear! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Noonday Collection // Chambray Round 2

As September continues, my Chambray posts continues as well! This may be my new favorite way to wear my Chambray button up. I layered my shirt over my favorite J.Crew Maxi dress. It's so comfortable, yet stylish. I love the axtec pattern paired with the solid chambray.

This outfit stands out in my closet especially because of all the stories it represents. I'm wearing Noonday Collection's artisan stories from Vietnam, Haiti and Ethiopia. 

Our new Terracotta Rope Necklace  is made in Haiti. "This terracotta treasure accented with subtle touches of gold is the perfect accent necklace". I have accented it with our Hanoi Necklace from Vietnam. The terracotta and gold brings plays well with the water buffalo horn and it's an absolute favorite this fall. 

The stories of our artisans are so inspiring and will leave you with the desire to "purchase with purpose" even more. The "impact" section on my website has so many inspiring stories of our artisans and I encourage you to go read them! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Noonday Collection // Chambray + September

Much to my dismay, fall is coming quickly and I can't stop it. I love what fall brings like pumpkin lattes and apple picking just as much as you but I love summer like no one's business. It's my favorite season hands down. So imagine what a dark day it was for me today when I got to the pool and it was locked for the year. Insane. However, I must carry on and celebrate the season change!

To celebrate, every Monday this September, I will post an outfit featuring chambray. Everyone's seasonal favorite! :) 

Today i'm rocking the collarless chambray shirt from Lauren Conrad's collection at Kohl's. I love polka dots and chambray so I naturally fell in love with this shirt when the two were married together. I am also wearing the gorgeous new "tier drop necklace" from the fall line with Noonday Collection This is in my top 3 favorite's from this season and I think you can tell why. It's so unique and different from anything I've ever owned. Since the shirt is lacking a collar and is a sort of neutral color, the necklace really shines. To top off the whole outfit, I added one of my new favorites, the new "Dreamweaver earrings". They are a stunning and eye-catching piece that adds visual interest without going overboard.  (Plus they are as light as air so I even forget I am wearing them!) I absolutely love them and the fact they are made with love in India where our artisans are paid a fair living wage
is just the icing on the cake. 

Cheer's to a great September! xoxo

Monday, September 1, 2014

Noonday Collection // Emmy's Recap

Since becoming a Noonday Ambassador, I've fallen more in love with fashion than ever before. My eyes have been opened to how we can use fashion for good. Media had portrayed fashion as something only attainable to movie stars or celebrities but Noonday has opened my eyes to the world and how I too, can be fashionable. The jewelry from Noonday can spruce up any t-shirt or dress that you already own in your closet. And, it can change our artisans life. I've learned so much about fashion since being an Ambassador and the biggest hurdle I've overcome in my fashion life is that anyone can enjoy it. It's not just for the rich and famous, we too can enjoy fashion! Step out of your comfort zone and have fun with fashion...see the trends the celebrities and movie stars are wearing and make them yours. 

This week, I'm showing you some actresses from the red carpet at the Emmy's and pairing a Noonday accessory with them that I, personally, would wear with their dress. Now that I've been made aware of my purchasing power, I lean more towards a world changing accessory than diamonds. Which, if you know me, that's a big deal. I love diamonds. ;) 

I love Kate McKinnon from her beginnings with SNL and I know she would rock our
 Black Diamond Earrings with her gorgeous black dress. It's such a classy and sophisticated look without being overstated.

Natalie Dormer is looking stunning in her red carpet dress. Such a flattering shape for her and again, love how sophistication is a theme for the Emmy's this year! Our Lionheart Earrings made in Ethiopia would also pair very nicely with her pop of orange she has going on. I also LOVE how her nails match her dress....coming from one nail lover to the other. (ps. so excited to see Natalie in the new Mockingjay movie of the Hunger Game series!)

Uzo Abuda wears the classic red perfectly. She looks beautiful and classy. I know our Fire Peruvian Bangle would be a wonderful addition to her already fabulous outfit. 

Lizzy Caplan will always be Janis from Mean Girls to me. She continues the sophisticated and simple theme with her elegant black dress. I love the surprise white fabric in the back as well to add variety to the classic black dress. I believe the Film Noir Clutch would add a great texture and pop of color to her outfit. 

Julianne Hough represents the one of many who wore white to the Emmy's. So many of the actresses took the "white clothing came out on Memorial Day and went away on Labor Day" rule seriously. Kristin Wigg and Sophia Vergara are two other favorites that rocked the white. Julianna went for the minimalistic theme for her accessories and I would continue that look with our Nouveau earrings that our gorgeous yet understated. 

Sarah Hyland of Modern Family looked gorgeous in the white look but added a pop of color with her coral skirt. I love how she dressed her age. Even though I can't get behind the crop top trend right now, I think Sarah pulls it off beautifully with the classier type crop top and doesn't dress outside her age group. For accessories, our Phoenix Earrings would pair very nicely with her beautiful look! 

Lastly, Julianna Margulies looked absolutely stunning in her red carpet attire. She looks flawless and I loved the twist on a black dress with the champaign under tone on her skirt. The only thing missing is our La Noche bracelet to finish her look off with some textured bling! :)

Comment below on who your favorites were from the Emmy's, best or worst dressed, I wanna hear!

And, for anyone who places an order for any of the items I talked about today from now until next Monday, September 8th, on my website, you will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate!