Monday, September 29, 2014

Noonday Collection // St. Louis Balloon Glow!

  I've been so excited to share this blog! I've fallen even more in love with St. Louis this month! Last weekend, St. Louis had their annual "Balloon Glow." I've never been so close up one hot balloon, let alone, 20! The Balloon Glow was my inspiration for my outfit for the day so naturally, I choose the Dainty Paper Bead necklace that is a burst of color for any outfit!  

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The idea of the Balloon Glow was being able to capture the life and details of the balloons while they are "lit up" after the sunset. I think that the balloons represent Noonday Collection artisans so perfectly. Our Dainty paper bead necklace is made in Uganda, our first artisan group that Noonday Collection has worked with. Our purchases create economic opportunity for the vulnerable, keeps children in schools and families together. Our artisans life's have literally "lit up" since working with Noonday.

They have job security for the first time ever. Their children are staying in and continuing in school. Change is happening. And, it all started about 3 years ago with Noonday's first two artisans from Uganda, Jalia & Daniel. And now, because of your purchases, Noonday is now helping over 300 families with our artisan group in Uganda! So. freaking. awesome. Learn about our artisan group in Uganda by watching this wonderful video

"When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the noonday." Isaiah 58:10

Want to add color to your wardrobe and change lives at the same time? Purchase our gorgeous Dainty Paper Bead Necklace & you can be apart of the amazing change Noonday is doing in the lives of our artisans in Uganda! 

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  1. The way you wove your beautiful NOONDAY jewelry with the stunning Artistry at its best!