Sunday, February 15, 2015

Noonday Collection // Why I wear red lipstick...

Since coming back from the Noonday ambassador conference about 4 weeks ago, I realized that I am a completely different person since starting Noonday. I am bold. I am confident. I'm fearfully and wonderfully made. I came back with a fire inside me to make sure every women in my life feels empowered to live to their full potential and to fully believe in themselves.

Noonday has grown the sense of confidence that I always knew was inside of me. In high school & college, I found my passion for others through missions by going on mission trips to Philadephia, Africa and France. And, I majored in Graphic Design where I grew my passion for photography and design. When I found Noonday, I realized how perfect it combined all my passions including fashion.   

Jessica spoke on how when we give ourselves permission to shine we give others to Shine with us. Noonday has given me that confidence to wear that bold statement necklace, that red lipstick or that bright skirt. I am learning that when we start fully believing that God has made us perfect in his image & we are surrounded by those who love us, we SHINE. I love seeing how Noonday also creates that confidence in my friends and family. It's a beautiful thing watching others shine. 

The one quote from the Ambassador Conference that keeps getting repeated in my head is from our founder, Jessica Honegger's, speech she gave on women. 

"Let's hustle, but not for our worth. 
Let's run, but at our own pace. 
Let's create spaces of love and belonging 
for ourselves and others and 
elevate the worth of a woman. 
In 2015, let's shine!"

The Roar necklace was named by Jessica because she believes in us and wants us all to ROAR. And yes, it was inspired after Katie Perry's song. Let's all SHINE this year, ladies. 

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